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Copyright 2012, All rights reserved So when I open iTunes (windows 10, x64) I get a pop up that contains simply “Dialog placeholder”. The options given to me are ?, Create New Apple ID, Sign In and Cancel. There’s no text field for me to enter login details. This is annoying. Any suggestions? Just uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes without success.Latest version of iTunes triggered this, never happened before I updated.Make sure you have installed the latest iTunes software from Try connecting to a different USB port on your computer. Your computer needs a USB 2.0 port or a USB 3.0 port to connect iPod nano. If you have a Windows PC that doesn’t have a USB 2.0 port, in some cases you can purchase and install a USB 2.0 card.
If iPod nano is connected to a USB hub, try connecting iPod nano directly to your computer’s USB port.
iPod nano might need to be reset. Reset iPod by holding down the Sleep/Wake button and Home button until you see the Apple logo appear.
If you’re connecting iPod nano to a portable computer using the Lightning Cable, connect the computer to a power outlet before connecting iPod nano.
Check the cable connections. Disconnect the cable at both ends and make sure no foreign objects are in the USB ports. Then reconnect the cable.
Try reinserting the Lightning connector into the iPod. The Lightning connector can be inserted either way.
Try restarting your computer.
If none of these steps resolves the issue, you might need to restore the iPod nano software.
Also see these articles for further assistance:I have an iPod Nano (7. gen), and every single time I sync it to iTunes it changes my playlists for no reason whatsoever.
Most noticeably the “My Favorites” playlist.

I have 10 songs on that playlist that I added manually, but for some reason it keeps erasing one and adding one or two random songs. Its always the same one it deletes too (Immortals from Big Hero Six… previously it did it with Gangnam Style which may say something about how long I’ve had this issue…) The songs it adds are also frequently the same ones, songs that I barely ever listen to.

I am not accidentally changing the playlist (that’s kind of difficult with a G7 Nano) as it can happen multiple times as the iPod is connected to my PC, and I’m not even touching the darn thing. Even adding songs as it is synchronizing, so the only way to get the songs out of the playlist is to remove them on the iPod itself.I convert everything we purchase from iTunes, rip from our CD collection, etc. to mp3 format. The mp3 files are all stored in a single folder located on a network drive (NAS) so the music is accessible to both my wife and I from our respective computers. This single folder contains our entire 25 Gb music collection. I delete all the m4a files as they serve no purpose and are not universally compatible. This provides maximum compatibility as my wife and I frequently burn custom CDs to use in our cars and they require mp3 files. We probably listen to much more music via these CDs in our cars than via our iPods or iPhones.

ITLU is a very useful app and essential app that updates iTunes so it knows what is in our music library. Simply pointing iTunes to the appropriate folder does not cause iTunes to know what is there and iTunes, for reasons I cannot understand, has no refresh function. Now, without ITLU being functional anymore, I am at a loss how to manage our music library as there is no easy and clean manner to refresh iTunes anymore.